Guided tours

To cater for the many visitors who want to learn more about the cultural background to these masterpieces, we organise special guided tours for children, teenagers, school groups, adults and families.

Museums can enable people to lead richer and fuller lives, contributing to the welfare of society as a whole: the ability to reach out to as extensive an audience as possible and make our resources accessible to the maximum number of people is one of our primary purposes. This explains why we tailor our visits to suit different types of visitors and age groups, to the time they have available and to where they come from: we can offer experiences that are custom-designed for Italian and foreign tourists, for local residents, for school groups, for families with small children, for young people and for the elderly.

This is what we aim to achieve:

  • to make your visit to the museum not only a culturally enriching experience, but also one that is relaxing, entertaining and absorbing;
  • to capture children’s attention and ensure that they enjoy themselves, providing them with both educational and entertaining moments;
  • to attract more and more young people and adults to visit the museums;
  • to ensure that families share the pleasure of spending time together in an exciting guided tour or an excursion out of town.

This is a list of the most popular guided tours, but we are always happy to organise visits to suit your particular wishes and requirements.

  • PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA’S MASTERPIECE: the Frescoes - 30 minutes;
  • BASILICA OF ST FRANCIS, RENAISSANCE JEWEL: Piero della Francesca’s Frescos and the Basilica - 1 h;
  • FROM THE ETRUSCANS TO ANCIENT ROME: Gaius Cilnius Maecenas National Archaeological Museum - 30 minutes;
  • MUSA – AREZZO STATE MUSEUMS: Piero della Francesca’s Frescoes, Basilica of St. Francis, Casa Vasari House Museum House Museum, Gaius Cilnius Maecenas National Archaeological Museum e National Museum of Mediaeval and Modern Art – full day, lunch with wine tasting included;
  • AREZZO: PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA’S HOME TOWN: Tour of the city + Piero della Francesca’s Frescoes – half a day;
  • FROM THE MEDIEVAL TIMES TO THE RENAISSANCE: Tour of the city of Arezzo, trip to the Castle of the Guidi Counts in Poppi (near Arezzo) – full day, lunch with wine tasting included;
  • THE AREZZO TERRITORY: Tour of the city of Arezzo and the surroundings upon specific requests (i.e. Mount San Savino, Arezzo + Cortona, Arezzo + wine tasting tour) – full day, lunch with wine tasting included;
  • FOLLOWING VASARI’S FOOTSTEPS: Basilica of St Francis and Casa Vasari House Museum House Museum – half a day.